Delivery & Pickup Ordering

We’re so excited to announce that all our restaurants have combined into one kitchen to provide you with the easiest way to get all of your favorites in ONE order! Follow the link below to place your order or call us at 850-354-8277. Available 7pm-9pm, seven days a week.

WHERE/HOW to pickup your order:

  • We are doing curbside pickup for all our restaurants at Liberty Bar & Restaurant (1307 N Monroe St.)
  • Once you arrive at the Liberty Bar parking lot you will see a designated area with cones indicating where to park and wait for your food.
  • Call us at 850-352-8277 and provide your car make/model/color and we will be out shortly with your food on our sanitized cart to drop off.

Hawthorn Bakery Pre-Ordering

If you wish to pre-order Bread & Baked Goods from The Hawthorn, please follow this link.


Bar 1903 food items available only Thursday-Saturday.